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New Inland Delivery Rates


Japanese roads are well paved and very smooth. The highways are especially good, because the Japanese government maintains their roads well and the roads are maintained annually to keep the high quality of roads.

When one of my friends from Zimbabwe visited Japan in August, he drove around Japan in a Mercedes Benz C200. Starting in his journey in Tokyo, and exploring the roads to Hiroshima, which is about 800km, he was flaberghasted at how smooth the roads were. "It was like I was floating on air! I was even about to fall asleep!" he exclaimed excitedly to me. Knowing how rugged the roads in Africa are, it must have been a huge surprise to drive such little bouncing. "There was even tarmac in the countryside!" he said while explaining how he gleefully drove through the country side with his hot drinks, without worrying about bottoming-out.

The difference between driving on tarmac and on dirt roads is vast, and the longer and faster you drive on these rough roads, the more your car and your passengers are affected by it. Thinking about such a long drive in Africa makes me cringe. Your shocks getting worn, and parts rattling, muffler falling off, and your axle being warped. A plethora of problems can occur when driving your car for such a long distance in such a short amount of time.

Everyone thinking about purchasing a car may want to take this into consideration, the next time they purchase a car. To ship to Dar es Salaam, and drive yourself, and risk damaging your car on the long drive, or to hire a driver to take care of your car on the way to the closest nexus, at a premium. Driving your car yourself from the port will be much more economical; however, there is always a risk of damaging your car in the process. Or, you can pay the premium to have someone drive your precious car to you. But how trustworthy can these people be?

But, there is a good news for those in Zimbabwe or Botswana. You can avoid those worries when using our inland delivery service. After the car arrives in Durban, our partner clearing agent will clear the car immediately and take it to their safe warehouse.

Then cars are delivered to your selected Nexus by truck, which will take about 10 working days in total.

This will help protect your precious, beautiful car from the road conditions, as well as from thieves who are looking to strip parts from your car. And now, it's even easier and cheaper with our services, as the inland delivery fees have been reduced by up to 300USD.

Check out the new rates for Beitbridge on our Zimbabwe page, or Gaborone on our Botswana page.

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