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Kei Truck?


So, have you heard of "Kei Trucks or Mini Trucks?"

Kei trucks, also known as mini trucks, are small size trucks with small engines below 660 cc. We call them "軽トラ (Kei-Tora)" here in Japan. "kei" means "light" and "tora" means "Truck". Kei truck is a type of light vehicle (see Kei Jidosha), which the Japanese government restricts by the engine size (less than 660cc) and body size (less than 3.40 X 1.48 X 2.00 m) as well as passenger number. Kei trucks are a subset of the kei family, which includes vans, passenger vehicles, as well. And in the news of late, about 40% of new vehicles sold here in Japan are light vehicles--crazy, right?

Everybody loves them, and you can see these light cars everywhere in Japan from the next door neighbor's driveway to the coffee shop down the street.

But, back on subject here, kei trucks are great! Well, mainly because they are inexpensive, have better fuel economy, are very light but still durable, and can be used for many different purposes such as business, farming, fishing, hunting, camping, construction, etc. And of course, they are easy and fun to drive! Doesn't that just sound great to you? There are many fans of kei trucks here, including me. You can find them in 4AT or 5MT, 2WD or 4WD, newer models have AC and other more luxurious features. But, kei trucks usually have 3 way fold down and removal bed sides, so they are easy to load and unload.

There are many different kei trucks in Japan, the main brands include Suzuki Carry, which is the most well-known, Daihatsu Hijet, Mitsubishi Minicab, Honda Acty, and Mazda Scrum. We have quite a few kei trucks at Autorec, and we have shipped them all over the world, from Africa to USA! People are getting to know how good these kei trucks are, and so the number of trucks we ship are increasing by the day. And, in some countries like Canada and the USA, many people buy them as toys to customize and drive off-road. When customized, these light trucks are surprisingly classy, and fun to look at.


So if you are considering purchasing kei trucks, we can ship them via RORO or by container. I wouldn't be surprised if you can fit up to 7 kei trucks into one 40ft container. Or, you can just get one via RORO to test it out. Just make sure you confirm your country's import regulations with your Customs office and registration laws with your title office before you proceed with your order. Once you confirm this on your side, you are good to go!

Just test out the waters, and I'm sure you will be the next kei truck fan.

Happy Driving!

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